Simpson’s Still Lives

I went to my first ever toy show back in July. $10 entry, and with that you got 10 free comic books and 2 raffle tickets. One of those tickets won me $20 worth of toys. So with that I got a $10 bag of Simpson’s accessories, a $5 GI Joe and a $5 prop bag. Well worth the entry fee I’d say. 

The Simpson’s accessories are much larger than the majority of my toy props. I loved the detail and variety, but hadn’t settled on buying them prior to my raffle prize as I just wasn’t sure how I’d use them. Them suddenly being free got rid of my hesitation, but didn’t bring to light how I’d eventually photograph them.

After having them for nearly 2 months, I had my idea – precariously perched still lives on colorful backdrops, and thus the following 5 images were born.

The pink and the green are by far my favorites, but they were also the first 2 made. I had decided to not repeat any props throughout these images, and so of course, my available options became thinner as the images progressed. I also only had 5 pastel backdrop colors, so with my colors being out and my props being largely used, 5 seemed like a good place to end the series. 

The Milhouse figure you see in the green shot was actually not part of my raffle winning, but was given to me by a lovely little girl who won it in a mystery box and felt I needed it for my collection instead. And I have to say, he fits in very nicely. 


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