Portrait of a Killer

Today I attended my first Intaglio Photo Gravure class and I’m pretty excited. Our assignment is to make a portrait.

Stress, Portrait of a Killer” is a documentary I’ve been watching on YouTube. So, when thinking about the word ‘portrait,’ while sitting here watching “Dexter,” my mind automatically went back to that documentary.

So, here’s what I’m thinking:

  • CMYK, 4 plate, Intaglio Photo Gravure image
  • Portrait of a man who has killed because of the extent of his stress
  • Tile floor, blue-grey wall (clinical, clean)
  • Straight-forward view of a man sitting behind a computer desk
  • The man stares intently down at his blood-stained hands (a dollhouse man, wearing a blood stained, hand-made wife-beater/ blood made from washable red paint)
  • In front of the desk is a large pool of blood, bloody footprints track, from the pool, to the left of the frame (the desk is oriented on the right third of the frame)
  • On the wall, behind the desk, is a white-board where numerous deadlines are listed


Admittedly, this photograph will use the main two props that I ordered for the “Working Would be Great if it Weren’t for Managers” cover photograph. But no worries, I asked permission from the author to create a reminiscent photograph. Maybe I can just create a stressful workplace series (it would at least have 2 images).

Now, to get the go ahead from my professor.

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