Jacksonville Arboratum

Eric and I went to the Jacksonville Arboratum and Gardens this past Saturday. It’s finally beginning to feel like Fall here in Florida, so the weather was finally nice enough for us to spend the morning walking the trails. There were a lot of bugs and Eric goes “Just try not to take too many pictures, because it’s when we’re still for a minute that they’re biting.” Does he know who he’s talking to? That’s the whole reason I wanted to go. So, here you have the result of “not too many pictures” and this is after pairing down quite a bit.

[Sharing to Pic and a Word Challenge #6 – Time & The Weekly Photo Challenge – Happy Place]

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  1. Love the spider webs and fungi. Telling a photographer not to take too many pictures is like telling Picasso not to create too much artwork. Sometimes you just HAVE to be creative!

  2. A wonderful take on time. “Finding the time” “Taking the time” “Time is short” … So glad you spent some time on this. : )

    Really love the spider webs and the fern-like plants. Lovely.

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