Take your Cat to the Vet Day

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We actually just took our cat to the vet Friday, so it looks like I got to today a bit early.

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  • Be an Angel Day

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17 thoughts on “Take your Cat to the Vet Day

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  1. This is one of my favorite images of yours, Jennifer.. so ghostly yet regal.. as though the cats will melt away given the right (or wrong) climate, but for now it is like they are haunting and guarding the night!

      1. where did you find a 3D printer?? Want to trade some for a treasure of mine? I could mail you some miniature goodies as I’m coming to the states in a week. Egads. So much to do before then.

        1. It’s an m3d we got through their website. Not cheap but a lot less expensive than most others. Can’t print very big with it but that works just fine for me. What would you like? I’d be happy to print you some things.

            1. They’re only just over a cm long each. Is that okay? You can have these exact ones :) I can print larger ones if you’d like. I think ultra life like because I’m very curious to know just what they look like.

            2. I just can’t believe we are talking about “printing” three dimensional objects! I know what you are talking about because I’ve read articles about it, but still..Science is going so far beyond what I ever thought it would!! I would prefer a bit larger but otherwise love exactly what you have done with them. Would 2 centimeters be possible? My email is [email protected]. Email me and we can trade mailing addresses and phone numbers. Want me to send pics or do you want to be surprised? The ultra-real ones are tiny.. under 2 cms high. They are like really bizarre model railroad figures.. but unlike any I’ve seen before.

              1. I know it’s so crazy right? And I think 2cm is definitely possible. Let me make sure they print okay, then I’ll send you an email. I think I’m good with being surprised here :) Are you sure you can part with them?

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