Skyscraper Day

Today is...

There are so many “holidays” every day – this is my attempt at a daily photo response. Join in if you’d like. Just tag your post #todayis. :)

I’m working on making a master page of all the daily holidays and links to daily posts. In the meantime, check out for future post topics. Join in by tagging #todayis or simply leave a link to your contribution below. I’d love to see what you come up with for all these crazy holidays. Contribution links will be shared daily.

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Nuts and Bolts
Nuts and Bolts

What’s the difference between Skyscraper Day and Skyscraper Appreciation Day, no clue, but I’m gonna celebrate with the same image. lol

Today is also…

  • World Beard Day
  • International Vulture Awareness Day
  • Welsh Rarebit Day

Learn more:

2 Replies to “Skyscraper Day”

  1. Amazing the photo’s you take. I think sometimes about how much TIME you must put into bringing these!! It must be hours! I can tell this is truly a labor of love for you. I work with a lot of the things in here: nuts, bolts, clamps! But on the mirror it really brings it to life. Excellent Jennifer.

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