Tiny Gingerbread

A 1.5 inch tall gingerbread house, 4 different ways. The one pictured was one of three left at the store. The others were more crumbled than this, but I think the missing roof corner gives it character.

Tiny Gingerbread

Tiny Gingerbread

Tiny Gingerbread

Tiny Gingerbread

10 Replies to “Tiny Gingerbread”

  1. Just wrote an article on building my very first gingerbread houses! so time consuming! Not even close to being as cute as your little ones! Adorable!

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  2. It looks so easy seeing it all completed. I tried it with 4th graders, and there is definitely a secret to getting the sides to stay up. This is adorable, and the doll added to the picture adds interest. :)


    1. This tiny one was premade so don’t give me too much credit. I’ll be making a real one with family in the next couple of days so we’ll see how well it turns out. There for sure is a secret though.

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      1. I would never have known the truth!. We made them out of graham crackers. If the icing wasn’t thick enough, the sides fell, and the icing went all over the place. Messy! :)

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