Monachopis Part 2

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working on a new series that I call ‘Monachopis.’ From the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, monachopis means ‘the subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place.’ You can read more about this series and see 8 exclusive images from the shoot in Exclu issue 3. I’ll be posting images from this series twice daily on instagram – you can follow along here.

I hope you enjoy learning a bit more about the ideas behind these images and the items within them.

**These images tell a story in a sense, so I encourage you to visit Part 1 before perusing the below.

Even leaders have to sleep sometimes. But it’s not a very restful sleep. Not here.

Acid Rain Bob figure (from a Taste of Coffee set), fabric blanket, handmade pillow, 3D printed bed

World Peacekeepers tent, Acid Rain Bob figure (from a Taste of Coffee set)

What we call home.

3D printed bunk beds, fabric blankets, Fashion Polly shoes

There are so many strange things here.

Metal DND figure

We have become friendly with those we can. But danger is always near

Plastic DND figure

A temporary shelter in the midst of exploration.

World Peacekeepers tent and fire (modified with an led light), wooden bead log, Acid Rain Bob figure (from a Taste of Coffee set)


3D printed chair and crates, dollhouse food cans

Prepared to go alone.

Acid Rain King figure, World Peacekeepers backpack and tent

We stockpile what we can.

Dollhouse food cans, 3D printed chair

What else is out there?

Acid Rain Demian figure (from a Taste of Coffee set), misc. O scale model cardboard building

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