What if?

What if there were no social media sites?

What if there were no online ways to share images at all?

You could show your images to friends and family.

Find a like-minded community.

Post them on the walls of abandoned buildings.

Drag them from gallery to gallery hoping for interest.

Show them at art fairs hoping for sales.

Scatter them about the park or mall for a random stranger to find.

Stack them at the coffee shop counter.

Hang them on café walls.

Keep them to yourself.

What if there were no social media sites for us to post to instantly and hope for follows and likes?

Would you still create?

Would you still share your work?

What would change for you?

I don’t mean this as a critique. I mean this as a thought piece. It’s not bad if this would change things for you. In reality, it would change the way all of us create and share. It would have to. But, if you’ll humor me, and if you care to define them, use this as a jumping off point to think about your goals.

I think the more we know ourselves and what we intend to make, the better pieces we create.

“We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.”

-Ralph Hattersley

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  1. I would still be taking them and trying to figure out what type of photography I like best. Down the road, I would like to have a small side job here or there. It is great to get ideas, tips and inspiration from other photographers. It might always remain a hobby and creative outlet, either way, I love taking pictures!

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