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Hi! I haven’t said that to you all in awhile. So here we are, a couple notes – my domain is expiring in the next couple weeks. For your challenge pingbacks and the like make sure to use Also, my facebook page and Google + are currently inactive/hidden, I’m working on figuring out a social media plan before returning to them – something I’m not very good at. In the meantime follow my over on instagram, twitter, youtube, and here of course! Also. I’ve finally removed those pesky ads from my site again, sorry if they’ve been an annoyance.

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Now let’s get into it – being submerged in a mini world is precisely my cup of tea. And I’ve had just that opportunity lately.

Via Variety/ Reid Chavis-A24


First off, Hereditary, a horror film that had the miniature world a buzz, was released a couple weeks ago. I say it the day after it came into theaters and wow, I was left speechless. It’s very real and in your face, and I was horrified, but that horror was manifested in my worry of the fate of the son. If you’ve seen it, you’ll know what I mean. The mother in the film, the main character, is a miniaturist, and while miniatures didn’t play as large of a roll as I had come to expect, the beginning scenes where mini rooms faded into their real counterparts was pretty cool to see.

I was curious who actually made the 1:12 scale models for the movie, and was interested to learn that Steve Newburn did. Interested to learn, because Newburn also created all the visual effects for the film.

If you’re a fan of horror – see this, if you’re a fan of miniatures, but not horror, just google image search it.

Via my sister/travel partner

D. Thomas Fine Miniatures

As you may have seen in a previous post, I’ve had the honor to have my 5 part series – Survival in the BadAss Miniatures show at D. Thomas Fine Miniatures in Yonkers, NY. While I couldn’t make it to the opening, my sister and I traveled up last weekend to see the show and gallivant around New York. We had the most wonderful time meeting Darren and Donald (pictured with me above) and seeing all the amazing talent featured in the show. Learn more about the show here.


Gulliver’s Gate

As part of that New York trip we of course had to check out Gulliver’s Gate – a huge HO scale trip around the world in Time Square. I was very much in my element (to quote my sister), trying to get realistic images of all the tiny details. This place is definitely set up with photos in mind. I do wish I could have gotten closer to some things like the ski lifts and carnivals, but such is the nature of tiny things.

Coming Soon: Welcome to Marwen

And finally, something I haven’t seen yet, but has been floating around the online miniverse this week – Welcome to Marwen, a film about Mark Hogancamp, starring Steve Carell. Mark Hogancamp began photographing toys in the early 2000s as a therapy of sorts. I spoke briefly about him in my History of Toy Photography post over on Seeing mental health and toy phtography, combined with a great cast of actors in the spotlight makes me very excited for this release.

And that sums it up. What adventures have you gotten up to lately?

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