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What if you’re blind inside your mind? –

Check out my recent post on, where myself and 3 others share our experiences with Aphantasia. I’ll have a follow up later on here, so stay tuned!

Picture an apple. Now make the apple blue. Hold that apple in your hand. Picture it in your kitchen. How about on the beach?

Now picture a family member. Can you see their face, the distance between their eyes, the texture of their hair, the shape of their body? Can you feel the texture of their shirt, smell their perfume or cologne?

All of these are measures of your visualization or lack thereof. Most people fall somewhere in between Aphantasia, the lack of any visual imagery, and Hyperphantasia, extremely vivid visual imagery.

Keep reading: What if you’re blind inside your mind? –

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  1. 2018, A Reflection | Tourmaline .

    […] I pulled back from their blog throughout this past year to focus on my own work, but did publish a post on Aphantasia and believe I will have a blurb in the upcoming book. Speaking of, I also learned I have Aphantasia […]



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