Color your World: Cerulean

cerulean color your world photo challenge badge

Welcome back to this weekly Crayola color based blog challenge!

This week, the color is Cerulean (my favorite color).

  • Between now and next Tuesday share a post inspired by the color on your own blog or social media. A poem, flash fiction, photo, drawing, whatever you’d like!
  • Link back to this post and include your post link in a comment below so that I can share your link next week.
  • Tag your blog post ‘coloryourworld’ so others can find your post in their WordPress Reader.

Check out the CYW home page with links to all weekly challenges as they post.

Here’s my contribution:

Figure looks into refridgerator filled with sweets, cat sits nearby, toy photography by Tourmaline .

Future challenges:

Last week’s contributors:

If I missed your post in the list above let me know. Also I realize I’ve been a terrible challenge host. Life has been a bit hectic, but as it settles I’ll comment and post in a more timely manner.

I seriously thought things would have calmed down by now, but instead they’ve gotten even crazier. I have so much to tell you in the next month or so. <3

25 Comments Add yours

  1. I love this, so often we see the sad image of a person staring into an empty fridge, theres loads to choose from! Happy days!


  2. Tatiana says:

    I love this cerulean color and in my mother language it is related to the world “cer” which means “sky”. It may sound weird but it is somehow related to the Latin roots existing in many languages in Europe including English.
    Anyway, here is my contribution to this color:
    I know it’s a very late contribution bu I hope it is still valid. Thanks for looking.


    1. Tourmaline . says:

      I love that. Cerulean is my absolute favorite color.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Tourmaline . says:

      And it’s definitely a valid entry :)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. ghostmmnc says:

    Very cute and I love this color!
    Here’s my entry:


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  5. eklastic says:

    I hope I got it right with cerulean. I really like your kitchen scene (and the kitty’s ears are cerise – just saying :-D ).


    1. Tourmaline . says:

      Ooh perfect. Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

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