An Unexpected Christmas Display

We moved into a new apartment about a month ago now. I love it so much more than our last place but won’t get into it. When driving out the other night we came across a neighbor in his garage with a Christmas train set and had to get out to see.

We met Mark Brasseit and learned a bit about him and his train set. The neighbors come by yearly to see and kids will throw fake snow over the village and blow the train whistle. It really is quite a wonderful tradition. And I’m sure we’ll be back to see him again.

How very Florida to have a Publix in town.

You can see more of his set up on youtube here.

What special Christmas decorations do you set up in your home or make sure you go out to see?

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    1. That sounds so nice though. We haven’t quite figured out how much were decorating this year. Were settling after a move which seems to make more unboxing feel more complex.

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