an ai wrote this toy photography blog post

So I was curious what an automatic blog writer would write on the topic of toy photography. I went to, typed in ‘toy photography’ as the topic and the below is what I got. It’s honestly way more coherent than I expected.

I remember when I was a kid, I spent hours alone in my room playing with toys. Today, I present a guide to toy photography to help enthusiasts of this genre create realistic images using the most popular toys and accessories available on the toy market today. Felix Hernandez Rodriguez is a professional toy photographer and founder of Toy Photographers Association of America (TPA). Sources: 8

I also remember that the best thing about it was creating the environment and weathering it in a way that suited the scene in my head. I saw it as a chance to regain that elusive childlike mentality that sinks you completely into an imaginative playground. Sources: 5, 8

The imaginative, childlike attitude that Neumann describes seems to be the core of the passion of almost every toy photographer. So many toy photographers say they hope to make people smile in their work, and toys and action figures tend to evoke a positive, nostalgic experience. Some of them juxtapose ease and play as they work to use toys as a medium to process and discuss difficult topics. Sources: 5

McCarty has used the therapeutic aspects of toy photography since the non-profit organization War Toys Turned was founded in 1996 after an exhibition in Croatia. Sources: 5

I began to think about how people who had never experienced war could connect with those who had, and I began to recreate these scenes with toys. The children described and recorded their wartime experiences and effectively became McCarthy’s artistic director. In this way, she strengthened the voices and helped to share these experiences with the world. Sources: 5

Photography has different genres, but a new sub-genre of toy photography is where the photographer creates a story. Some photographers shoot toys while others create scenes indoors or outdoors, including and then photograph their toys (as some other photographers have done). The photographer finds something that interests or fascinates him, and then develops his skills in this area. Sources: 3

Mitchel Wu is a full-time toy photographer and owns Mitchel – Wu Toy Photography with his wife and two children in New York City, NY. Sources: 3

This very general reaction really makes me think about why the Toy Photography community is so passionate about art and how we define Toy Photography. It is not, as stated in the interview, about photographing toys, but about taking action figures and making them look lifelike. I’m not the only one. If I’m really trying to achieve that, I take action and try to make it look cool, and that’s what I really do. Sources: 7

Next, I wonder why we even bother with this hobby, why we use every spare minute of our time to think of ideas for our next recording? One day we have a wonderful idea that we don’t have time to take pictures, and the next we ask ourselves why we took up this hobby in the first place. Sources: 0, 7

She also explains that social media is a great place to give your photos greater reach and a platform to meet other passionate toy photographers who share their tips and tricks to help others improve their skills. Sunny has also set up a Facebook group filled with a group of toy photographers who organise monthly outings with the aim of shooting toys. Her course, titled Big Little Stories with Sunny Ang, will take place at the Royal Botanic Garden in London on Saturday 22 October 2017. Sources: 0

Although this form of toy photography has been around for decades, social media has fueled a growing global community of enthusiasts who rejoice in making toys appear lifelike through a lens. Studdard is all about toy photographers, and in this area little toys can tell epic stories. There are dozens of action figures the Columbus native has at home to help with the plot. Sources: 4

Action Figure Toy Photography is a relatively new genre of photography that has gained popularity in recent years. At this time he started experimenting with a wide angle lens and a few different types of lenses such as a Canon 5D Mark II. Sources: 2, 4

These photos often show familiar characters from different universes playing with each other, such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Transformers and other popular franchises. Sources: 2

In this article we will explain why you want to photograph action figures, what are the main advantages of doing so, how to deal with possible problems and how to take interesting and captivating photos even in the middle of the hectic holiday season. Having a niche within a broader industry is important, especially in well-known genres such as astrophotography and horse photography (which is a real thing). Sources: 2, 6

Take the time to talk about your niche and learn all about the dynamic world around you. Some photographers work hard to bring toys to life and tell a story by almost humanizing the familiar characters we know and love. Sources: 6

I like to create another world that is both mundane and banal, so a good starting point is to imagine and be in history. For example, a tree or hundreds of people you pass every day can easily be transformed into a mushroom or pebble, or a toy figure can be insected to explore its level.

The ai pulled from these sources and says the text is 82% unique. What a weird world we live in.

I can’t find any evidence that the Toy Photographers Association of America exists, I’m not sure I like the ‘why we even bother’ sentiment, the fact that barbie toy photography began in the 1950s, I imagine action figure photography did as well, and overall this article seems like the introduction to an article, but lets see if all the word placements get this blog post a bunch of views anyway (shrug emoji). Maybe just check out the source articles for accurate info.

I also have it writing articles on miniature photography and my various monikers. I’ll let you know if anything interesting happens.

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  1. Whoa…whoa…Very interesting experiment you tried here. I can see how it would be a good way to gather sources. I wonder how many people use these AI’s to write a post and really post it as is. I’m wondering about articles that I’ve read that just don’t make sense. Often I think maybe English wasn’t the writer’s first language but now…now I’m wondering… Maybe the AI is now telling you to start the Toy Photographer’s Association of America! :D Do keep us posted please on what comes of using this.

    Thanks for sharing. It was thought provoking in a number of ways. ;)

    1. Lol maybe I should. I don’t even know how you begin to for associations.

      I do wonder how many people are using this method successfully. My blog url used to be I decided not to renew it and it got bought up by a bot, hoping I had forgotten to renew and would be desperate to get it back. If I wanted it back it’d be $3000, which I won’t be paying, but in the mean time it’s full of articles about white coats that were definitely not written by a human. I assume based on the web traffic I got prior to giving up the url they’re hoping that traffic will still be driven to the site, but I doubt that’s working out for them. But I’m also not sure what they’d gain from site traffic as there aren’t store links or anything.

      1. Really? Scam artists amaze me I mean really are there that many people that get caught in the web that make it all worth it? $3000? Wow.

  2. An interesting experiment although I wouldn’t call finding a bunch of quotes and putting them together really writing. Like many human authors, the AI writer could use some editing and it doesn’t really make a point. I might have a look at some of the source material though.

    1. I’m thinking it could be useful for finding sources. It’s interesting because the point is that you’d post it to your blog directly as written and do this over and over with different topics. It’s not accurate information though, although it may drive clicks. I’d like to see in what ways someone is using tools like this effectively.

        1. Yeah, but I can’t quite figure out why that’s useful unless you get further clicks on ads 🤷 more research to be done maybe, but it’s not a tactic I plan on using.

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