I asked an ai to make toy photography memes

It was unsuccessful.

But there are so many more ai things to explore, so you know I had to try it. TLDR: humans are still winning, at least in the humor department.

To see more ai stuff, and learn a bit about how neural networks work, click here.

ImgFlip, a popular meme generator website allows you to choose or upload an image, and put your own text over it. However, they now have an ai option. You choose a popular meme format, type in your own prefix text and wa-la, well sort of.

I typed in ‘toy photography’ and got ‘The ai was not creative enough to expand upon your prefix text.’ So I tried ‘miniature’ and got the same message. Then tried ‘toys’ and it did expand upon the text, just not well.

So here are most of the terrible ones that largely make no sense.

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These ones are closer to successful.

So uh, I won’t be perusing ai generated memes anytime soon, but I’m sure they’ll learn in time. Some people have gotten some pretty good results – you can see those here, but I imagine you’d have to click refresh over and over on the topic you’ve chosen, or you’d have to not choose a topic at all and just see what the generator can come up with on its own without restriction. But that’s still going to have some pretty mixed results.

So instead I come to you. I am not a meme queen by any definition. But I bet some of you are (or kings). Make some toy photogtaphy memes, send em my way ([email protected]) and I’ll make a follow up post with your creations! Help me prove that humans are still better at this kind of stuff.

And I won’t be blogging about ai forever I promise. Just on a bit of a kick at the moment.

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