Weekly Recap: September 5 – 11

Sunday – more relaxing and diving into Grey’s Anatomy, which I surprisingly hadn’t watched up until this point. Eric and I went for a run Sunday night. Neither if us had run in years, but it was a good start.

Monday – labor day off work filled with relaxing, meaning mostly Netflix watching.

Tuesday – work and another run.

Wednesday – work then covid booster, and finding a mushroom to take a phone picture of a fairy on top of.

Thursday – blood work, consult, then work. Running got off course because of my 5:00 AM start to the day and Eric’s late work day.

Friday – work, but also some sort of sickness developing (not covid). Part of that blood work showed that my antibodies are a bit low, which is expected with the DMT I’m on, but hopefully that won’t effect me too much.

Saturday – a short trip to the flea market where I found blood collection tubes that I’ll use in some images (and no, not with real blood) and Eric got some old tools to use and restore. Then, finally, some picture making!

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How was your week?

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