MSAA Art Showcase 2022

March is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month, and while the month might be nearing its end, it's not too late to check out this year's MSAA Art Showcase! I am so happy to announce that my images are featured among those of the other wonderful artists in this show, and I would be so honored to... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap: December 19 – 25

Christmas week! That means cat cuddles, food, family and gifts.


Losing yourself, finding yourself, reaching out, a journey. Finding new ways to visually represent these pieces of self.

The Golden Hour

When we came in and sat on the couch, there was a ray of light perfectly illuminating an area of the already golden blanket.

Weekly Recap: December 12 – 18

A fairly low key week, which is honestly the best way to start to finish out the year. Purses and Plants My Christmas Cactus is starting to bloom! Eric and I went to some thrift and consignment stores where I found a few new shirts and a very pretty purse. Artsy Activities My mom and... Continue Reading →

The Weight of Health

A recent photo shoot. I'd been thinking about creating the first one for some time, and finally set aside the time and space. The next two came as I worked.

Weekly Recap: December 5 – 11

A belated last week recap. Top Golf Fun We went back to Top Golf on another half off Tuesday! We'll be breaking from going for a bit, but it's been super fun. Eric makes fun of my form, but I gotta use all I have to hit the ball far lol. Return to Resin Crafting... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap: November 28 – December 4

I have no idea how to talk about myself in an interesting way. I think I had this idea that I'd talk more about the behind the scenes of my art practice in these recaps. And then that art practice, temporarily, got stagnant. Life gets in the way sometimes, ya know? And sharing all the... Continue Reading →

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