NBC’s Manifest and Carl Jung

I'll give you a break from yesterday's college paper of a post. This one will be short. Potential spoilers ahead. Manifest In NBC's, now Netflix's, show Manifest flight 828 goes missing. After 5 and a half years the flight returns and the passengers within have not aged. Each passenger begins to experience visions. Main charcter... Continue Reading →

Dream Vortex

I often feel done with a series as soon as I've discovered the full truth as to why I've begun to make it. I start with an idea, but the psychology often goes deeper. Will I still bring my green figure along with me for a time even though I've gotten to the root cause... Continue Reading →


"The work we make, even if unnoticed and undesired by the world, vibrates in perfect harmony to everything we put into it - or withhold from it. In the outside world there may be no reaction to what we do; in our artwork there is nothing but reaction."– DAVID BAYLES AND TED ORLAND, ART & FEAR: OBSERVATIONS... Continue Reading →

Dream State

A look inside my mind. I've been so fatigued as part of this MS attack I'm currently living through, that I feel I'm wading through a constant state of semi unconscious. I'll have a thought, an idea and it will be so fleeting it's immediately gone, never to be recovered. I go about my daily... Continue Reading →

The Clearing

Iridescent Christmas village snow, Victorian style porcelain dollhouse dolls and decorative mantle deer and glitter trees. With these I aimed to make some dreamy forest scapes and I think I accomplished just that. While I typically disassemble my temporary dioramas after I've achieved the desired photos, this one I've left in tact as I have... Continue Reading →

Recurring Nightmare

Just breath. It will all be over soon. It's just a dream. No. Not tonight. Not now. I just need sleep. One good night. Get out of my brain! I am not yours to have. And yet, I am. I created you. But I wish I hadn't given you so much power. Select stills: All... Continue Reading →

Google’s Deep Dream

Have you guys heard about Google's A.I. and its dreams? The images have been spreading about the web for awhile now, but when I heard that there's an online app where you can try it for yourself, well, I had to check it out. Basically (Business Insider): "Google's image recognition programs are usually trained to look... Continue Reading →

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