Weekly Recap: October 17 – 23

Another recap of my week. Honestly, sometimes I feel like these are more for me than you, posterity or something. But truly, if there’s something you’d like to know, let me know, and I’ll start to work it into these posts.

I’m behind on looking at all your wonderful Halloween posts. I’m delighted with all of you who have joined in. Work travel always messes with my whole mindset, and it takes me a minute to get back in the groove, so I will get back into everyone’s shares.

Saying Goodbye to Orlando, and Hello to the Work Week

In any case, we finished up our Orlando trip Sunday. My sister and brother-in-law, who live in Connecticut, were down in Orlando as well and it was so good getting to have lunch with them.

Monday, a rare instance where I got to work from home, hang out with my cat, and try to find my tiny Dracula figure. No luck on Dracula til past 11 PM, but I did play around with a vampire party toy for a picture instead. I found some cool masks since my mask image I shared here as well, so both the ‘Vampire’ and ‘Mask’ challenges may get a redo from me soon.

At-Home Sleep Study

That night I had an at home sleep study. They send you home with a device that’s worn on your wrist. A wired piece goes around a finger and a sensor attaches to the chest. Long story short, I barely slept, and when I did, not well. The finger piece hurt very badly. It gets tight, as the doctor agreed, the next morning, but also left a painful red bump on my finger.

Consult with the doctor the next morning, then into work.

Wednesday, another work from home day. Then Thursday into work for lots and lots of case photography, including 5 gallon buckets of pickles.

Friday, I started vacation time! I’ll be off until Thursday of next week. I know it will go by so quickly though. Staying in town, and no solid plans, but the time off to rest and create and do whatever else comes, will be very welcome.

Photo Making Behind the Scenes

To start the day, I made an image for ‘Leaves.’ I had planned to use these glittery ornately cut leaves I had seen at the dollar store and hadn’t purchased, so i kept putting off this image until I made my way back to get them. That dream never came through however, so I scrolled through my mind of what I had that could be easily cut down into that style of leaf and thought of my dollar store, last December purchased, glittery snowflakes. I went to gather them and instead noticed the little end bits that already looked a bit like leaves. So, I cut off the “leaves.”

I knew I wanted spiraling, dangling leaves, so I wrapped the leaves with the wire I’d used for the image below, then grabbed both my clear and blue clear female figures as options for the shot, then considered ground cover. I’d been inspired by some royal blue, iridescent glitter on a recent Walmart run with my mom, and I grabbed it for the ground cover in my ‘leaves’ shot.

I wanted a yellow image, but the glitter was blue, so I chose my blue figure and grabbed some water color painted pages for my ground beneath the glitter and the image background. An image, fully in one color, means I can edit it to be fully another. Photoshop color replacement wasn’t doing the trick on this one, so I used way more warming filters than I should admit, a color balance layer, and a fully yellow layer set to ‘Darker Color’ blend mode. You can see my unedited original image, the Photoshop layers, and the final image below.

Car Repair

My hatch on my car hasn’t been working for many months, so I took it in to get fixed. Eric dropped me at home, then went off to work. They had to order a part to fix my car, so kept it overnight. I don’t care about driving, and I’m mostly a homebody anyway, but not having a car made me feel very trapped.

So, I ended up walking to a grocery store, about a 20 min walk away, just to get out of the house and have something to do. It was a pretty nice walk until the heat got ever more scorching.

Errands and Food with a Friend 

Saturday, my friend came and picked me up. We made a stop at USPS, went back to pick up my fixed car, got lunch at Waffle House, shopped for a new couch for her, went to a craft store, then came back to my place for pizza and watching bits of Netflix while we talked.

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