Anatomy Jane of Grey’s Anatomy

While Grey's Anatomy has been largely dated now, based on references in shows overtime. At one point, there was hot debate on when the show actually takes place. But it seems the timeline of the show was directly the year it was filmed. Season 1 released in 2005, the characters existed that year in 2004.... Continue Reading →

Is 1/12 scale the best scale for toy photography?

Figuring out which scale will work best for your toy photography.

The Toys I Loved

Today we're not going to talk about the Polly Pockets, Fashion Pollys, Barbies, Bratz and Beanie Babies. Although all those things hold a very important place in my childhood and in my heart. We're going to instead talk about the toys that got away, the ones that still pull at my heartstrings and the ones... Continue Reading →

Barbie’s 60th Anniversary

Mattel's infamous Barbie doll celebrated her 60th anniversary on March 9, 2019. The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures even threw her a birthday bash. And of course Mattel celebrated as well. Back in December I discovered mine and my sister's 40th anniversary Barbie's, we were gifted by my grandmother 20 years ago now, in... Continue Reading →

The Dolls of Welcome to Marwen

Some of you lovely people found my blog searching for what kind of figures were used in the movie Welcome to Marwen. But to yours, and my disappointment, I didn't have any info about that topic here at all. So, today I'm fixing that!

The Incredible Strangeness of Welcome to Marwen

Today I went to Regal theater down the road on my own. I'm loyal to Regal because they got me to sign up for a rewards card at the mall in middle school, and for some reason that makes me like them. I went on my own because no one else wanted to go. I could have easily dragged my boyfriend along this evening, but I decided to spare him and have popcorn for lunch while he was at work. The man at the ticket counter had to have me repeat the name of the movie. I got into the theater at 1:17, 7 minutes past showtime. The previews were rolling and I was the only one in the room. The movie started at 1:29 and it was still just me.

Kid’s Dollhouse Trends

The light toned, minimalist, modernism aesthetic is one that was created for instagram images to begin with. Modelling your home in such a way allows for your instagram lifestyle images to look trendy and clean. And then, having a dollhouse just as instagrammable within that home just makes sense.

Barbie Fashion

So I tried out something a bit new for me the other day and used fabric and my 3doodler to make a barbie dress!   I made it to the final 4 and could use your help! If you have an instagram, you can vote for me by commenting on this image (the one below... Continue Reading →

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