SBN, a toy photography podcast

I just had the wonderful opportunity to be interviewed by The SBN Podcast on my toy photography. Do give this episode a watch or listen.

Sticky Orbs as Toy Photography Props

I made these as a kid and knew I wanted the experience of making of them again, and to also use them as photography props.

Kitchen Surrealism

It's a Wednesday night and I have rice simmering on the stove. The timers set for 45 minutes. So, I mess with stuff in the kitchen.

Toy Photography | I don’t do this for fun

That doesn't mean I don't often have fun or find enjoyment in the photos I take, but fun is not my why, not my motivator . “Art is coming face to face with yourself.”-Jackson Pollock Someone I keep coming across insists people aren't having enough fun in their toy photos, that's where all problems lie,... Continue Reading →

Art isn’t Necessarily Therapy, but Creation Can Be

While art can be used very effectively in therapy while under the guidance of an art therapist, separate, on its own, made personally, it's often not. Art can be made to represent times of distress, but it doesn't replace those times in the artists psyche. Moreover, it cements them, memorializes them, it hopefully, someday, is... Continue Reading →

Creating Emotion

You may know I have aphantasia. For those of you who don't know, that means for me, that on a scale of 1-10, my mental pictures are about the clarity of a 2. But when I create I want to make exactly what I'm picturing in my head. What does that mean though? The picture... Continue Reading →

Your World and the Art you Make of it

your world and the art you make of it #inspiration #toyphotography

An Update & Reflection 2017

Hi everyone, This update has been on the back burner for some time, but I need to get a few quick notes out into the interweb particles. 2017 has been a year of artistic reflection for me. First, and most noticeably I imagine, I changed the name of which I go by artistically. Originally, since... Continue Reading →

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