Toy Photography | I don’t do this for fun

That doesn’t mean I don’t often have fun or find enjoyment in the photos I take, but fun is not my why, not my motivator .

“Art is coming face to face with yourself.”

-Jackson Pollock

Someone I keep coming across insists people aren’t having enough fun in their toy photos, that’s where all problems lie, etc.

Lost and Discovery 2

But my motivation is creation, fully expressing myself in visual form. And what I feel compelled to express, to create, is largely not rooted in fun.

I suppose the stuck point for some observing my work comes from the fact that I use toys as a means for that work. But I see toys as iconographic in all forms. From imagination in childhood to sentimental trinkets in adulthood, any toys we keep have meaning outside of themselves.

From the Heart 1

I don’t feel successful in, finished with, a piece, until I’ve put all my emotion into it.

People find much of my work relatable because it’s real.

Monochrome 29

I enjoy creating. I enjoy expressing myself. But 99% of the time I won’t refer to my images as “fun,” and I’m completely okay with that.

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