Dream Vortex

I often feel done with a series as soon as I’ve discovered the full truth as to why I’ve begun to make it. I start with an idea, but the psychology often goes deeper. Will I still bring my green figure along with me for a time even though I’ve gotten to the root cause of A New Door? For a time, yes. But I’ve also gotten the itch for something new.

I made cone, cylinder and abstract shapes out of white scrapbook paper. Then I grabbed my little drawers of white HO scale train figures, selected the ones that spoke to me, and got to work.

To help them stay in place I coated their feet in tacky wax. I considered glue, but didn’t want the paper to absorb the moisture.

I started with the cone, a vortex, my original thought for these images, and the only of the three shapes I’ve used for photos so far.

My wide angle macro lens was perfect for these in allowing me to focus on these tiny figures up close while also creating a sense of depth in the scenes.

You can get a sense of the scale and set up in the images at the end of this post.

I haven’t decided between the pink tone or more desaturated look just yet but am leaning toward the pink. This shade that has often struck me, starting from around the time I created these images. But I hadn’t found images to infuse it into just yet.

What do you think?

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