Fairy Tale

I absolutely adored Peter Pan growing up. The live action one from 2003 specifically. But even years before seeing that specific Peter Pan, I selected a fairy movie from Blockbuster and adored it as well. Fairytale: A True Story is the story of the Cottingly Fairies, only I didn’t know that until a short time ago. And even before then – Ferngully. (and lets not forget the fairy games in Neopets)

All the fairy movies to inspire my hope of their existence. I lost a bit of that hope as I got older, but the depiction of fairies never got less magical.

So here’s a look at a trend of fairies throughout my work. I don’t visit them often but always enjoy it when I do.

Woodland, 2012

Midnight Mushroom Making

Horse to Unicorn Convert

South Hampton Living


from ‘DOLLAR STORE WATER MARBLE KIT | Will it Work?’ https://youtu.be/5gfKDoyZTlc

Fairy Circle, 2021

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