Weekly Recap: November 28 – December 4

I have no idea how to talk about myself in an interesting way. I think I had this idea that I’d talk more about the behind the scenes of my art practice in these recaps. And then that art practice, temporarily, got stagnant. Life gets in the way sometimes, ya know? And sharing all the nitty gritty publicly online doesn’t exactly interest me either. So here’s to trying again – no day by day, just the most interesting bits, even if not super interesting.

An Afternoon of Plants, Cats and Pizza

Well, just one cat, but he’s lovely. I have a Christmas Cactus, some succulents and 3 Tillandsia Caput Medusae Air plants. The first two I’ve had for some time, the 3rd is new so we’ll see how it’s life progresses. They’re placed on the ground and on a side table on my balcony, but I’m asking for a plant stand for Christmas, and maybe some more plants along with it.

The world is so pretty as the sun begins to set. Normally my work schedule doesn’t allow me to see it this time of year. I was glad to soak it in.

Restarting the Photo and Blog Process

November was a month lacking staged photos almost completely. You’ll know from last weeks post, that I took a toy image at the arboretum, but in soaking in the sun this week, I took a couple images straight from my couch. A yellow and cream blanket, DamToys Pocket Elite Obsidian Man, and an HO scale mid-construction house.

I also worked on a tiny bit of toy photo history research. This never dried up per se, I’ve just been waiting on some ordered books and some clarified direction.


And no, not for Christmas gifts, my heads not there yet. But I did go to Michaels and take advantage of their 40-70% discounts on holiday items. I’m definitely in a creating head space, just need to secluded myself to my art area.


Eric and I went to Top Golf! It was so much fun. We also did some thrift shopping, while waiting for my car to be done at the shop, and found nothing, but still worth checking.

More Plant Action

I got some new little cactuses, with fake, but cute, flowers, potted them together in a square blue pot and the next day put together a plant stand – early Christmas gifts from Eric.

All our Halloween lights from 2 years ago, had understandably gone out, having been on display this whole time. I put up new orange lights and switched the ghosts over to them. A nice little Ghostly plant balcony.

Looking Forward

Today will hopefully be a day full of folding and putting away laundry, clearing out the pantry, cleaning the kitchen, etc etc. Things that very badly need to be done.

Eric volunteered to build me a shelf for my art space, so since that will be a minute, I need to get past the need to further organize that space before I create within it.

As the year’s winding down, things will continue to be about plants, cats, friends and family (and phone pictures of each), and I think as long as I create a handful of images this month, I won’t be too mad at myself.

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How was your week?

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