Weekly Recap: December 5 – 11

A belated last week recap.

Top Golf Fun

We went back to Top Golf on another half off Tuesday! We’ll be breaking from going for a bit, but it’s been super fun. Eric makes fun of my form, but I gotta use all I have to hit the ball far lol.

Return to Resin Crafting

I started working on some resin knife scales. They’ll be used for knife handles. For the first one I used printer ink and mica powder, the 2nd alcohol ink and mica powder. All with resin from the Epoxy Resin Store of course – click here and use code TOUR20 for 20% off.

With my excess resin from each pour, I began to fill organ resin molds. I’ll use the resin organs in a picture soon, once I finish planning the full look.

All the Car Work

In continuing with the car updates – I changed my oil with my dad! Aside from getting the intensly tightened bolt off to begin with, the change went smoothly. We checked all my car fluids after, finding more things Tires Plus didn’t do, then washed and waxed.

It feels good to know that my car’s in a good spot. All the things we’ve found wrong from the radiator fluid, to the tires, to the engine splash shield, things I thought the place I’ve been taking my car was handling, just to know most of that is in the right now is a comfort. So, big thanks to my dad for all his help.

Friend and Family Time

I finally went to my friends new house and had dinner with the family. A couple days later I attended my neice’s first dance recital. She obviously did great.

And per tradition or regular routine, or whatever you’d like to call it, my mom and I crafted. This time around we finished up our oyster shell ornaments. I really like how they turned out.


Back to structured picture making. I secluded myself to my art space and starting piecing together some images I had planned awhile before. This time around – health related ones that you’ll see here shortly. Next up, some wintry ones.

The Week in Blogs:

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