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Hi everyone,

I made a topic generator with the help of:

Just click the screen shot or the link below to give it a try.

When you click ‘generate topic’ a new adjective/noun combo appears. Click over and over until you find something that sparks your interest. Use the generated topics as themes for your art and writing.

I hope you find it useful.

Overtime I hope to continue to add more nouns and adjectives.

You can find the permanent link the the generator on my site  here:


or here:


Update: Based on Judy’s genius suggestion, I’ve created a Mister Linky where you can share links to your posts that you create based on the topics you generate using this tool. If you’d like to share your posts just add your link to this widget:

I’m going to try to open a site (similar to the ones you get added to when you sign up for a blogging U course) where everyone who signs up below, gets added as a user and can post what they come up with by using the generator there. If you’d like to be added to the site when it opens, sign up here:

Love it? Hate it? See a type-o or other error? Let me know in the comments.

29 thoughts on “Topic Generator

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  1. Immediately after I made the recommendation that you publicize your prompt on the WordPress site, I went to the Prompt Generator and this is the prompt I received: Stupid Recommendation!!! Isn’t that hilarious?

      1. I did sign up but I can’t see where it showed up anywhere. Is this just a signup and the list page will be created later? I
        ‘m so competitive! Wanted to be first…ha. Can you see the list and am I on it?

          1. yes I saw this and you can erase the first one. I’m going buggy trying to get Mister Linky installed, though.
            I perhaps need to hire a consultant…ha.

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