Lapel, IN

I’ve been in Ohio since Thursday visiting my family. Yesterday we drove 2 hours to a tiny town in Indiana to visit my grandmother. I’m originally from Anderson, and hold an intense nostalgia for the Midwest, so it’s been nice to be back and to spend time with family. In any case, here are some shots I took while there. They’re not my typical miniatures, but I hope you still enjoy them.

My grandmother’s miniature shelf. Ever since I was little, I always admired these.

Each of the following 4 were taken in my grandmother’s backyard.

The back of the studio/workshop of Greg Adams of Willow.

17 Replies to “Lapel, IN”

  1. Love the miniatures of your grandmother – printer’s trays are the best! My favorite photo is the windmill.Enjoy your time with your family!!

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