Halloween 2015

A gallery of all my 2015 Halloween images.

An introduction to Skelly, his/her dog & their house, a few slightly darker ones for your enjoyment, and Haunted – a 3 doodled haunted house & forest, and it’s inhabitant. Thanks for bearing with me with my overly intense Halloween posting this year. :)


Stay tuned for my new series of images based on some creepy SAR stories.

See last year’s Halloween images here.

View more creepy stuff here.

Published by

Tourmaline .

Photographer of miniatures and writer on all things small.


      1. haha there’s another one that backs yours up further down. I work at a university so we go by fiscal years. I think the day I scheduled this I’d been working on budgets. It’s fiscal year 2016, so to pull up the correct budget query I have to select that year. Basically work has made me lose touch with reality. For those of you reading this, my title, slug and 1st sentence of this post all previously said 2016 instead of 2015…but if you’d still like me to delete your comment I will :P


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