Color Your World 2017 Wrap Up

We made it through all 120 days! 4 months. Can you believe it?

Make sure to continue to check out the #cyw and #coloryourworld tags in your reader and the participant list on the home page to see what everyone has shared.

Thank you all so much for participating. I sincerely hope you had fun searching for and thinking about all these crazy colors. National Crayon Day was March 31st and Crayola announced that they’ll be retiring the Dandelion crayon. There will still be 120 colors, as Crayola will be replacing the Dandelion crayon with another in the blue family. How do you feel about that decision?

You’re tired of hearing this, but I’ll say it again. I know I haven’t been around much tho your blogs. While prepping and scheduling has gone quite smoothly I just haven’t had the time this year to spend time with each of your posts. I hope you’re not too upset with me and I will work on continuing to visit little by little. While I enjoy hosting, I do wonder if it effects your experience and your willingness to participate next year when I’m not as active within the challenge. Let me know your thoughts below – be as honest as you’d like. I’ll use your comment feedback and your answers in the below poll to find out how we should continue this challenge in 2018.

Here are my favorite images of what I shared to CYW throughout April. You can see my past month wrap ups here, here and here. What were your favorite days of CYW 2017? If you make a wrap up post, comment below with the link.

The One Word Photo Challenge is going strong and Weekly Weather comes back May 6. Feel free to jump on in.

Here are the blogs of all the 2017 participants!

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  1. Thanks so much, Jennifer, for hosting this challenge again this year. I enjoyed finding photos to match the color of the day. Thanks, also, to everyone who participated, visited, and commented. Wishing you a wonderful and colorful rest of the year. See you next time. :)

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this year’s challenge – I was a bit more organised than last year and managed the 120! The daily element is challenging but definitely pulls us together as a community, gives us focus.
    Some of my non-blogging friends watched it with great interest and thought at first that I was inventing the colour names!
    I liked Marie’s idea of adding some non-current-Crayola crayons into the mix – maybe get us all to invent something every Sunday? Though that would throw the end of the challenge into May

    I’ve pulled together a quick overview:

  3. Great challenge, Jennifer. I met my goal of including all 120 in a post, though a few posts have more than one color. I’m glad I figured out how to schedule posts. Sorry some of them didn’t get a pingback yet but I will try to remedy that someday. :) And I perfectly understand why you don’t have time to visit posts. That is an impressive list of contributors, and it would consume your day. Perhaps next year you could add a few crayola colors that aren’t in the 120 box just to shake things up. :) Thanks for setting it up and managing it.

  4. Thank you, Jennifer for the challenge! Although I wasn’t able to submit all 120 colours, I still had fun! Was great to view other bloggers photos too :D

  5. Here’s the link to my wrap-up post!

    I hope the challenge continues in 2018 as it had in 2017 but I can see from the voting it’s not likely to. Bummer. But, I’ll figure out what I’m going to do when you figure out what you’re going to do! I love the challenge as hair-pulling-out it has been for me – it stretches my creativity in new ways and I appreciate that. Thanks for hosting!!!

  6. It was a lot of fun, although I was behind most of the time.The only thing I would change about the challenge is to mix up the colors, more like it was in 2016.
    I understand how you wouldn’t be able to visit all the participating blogs. For me, it’s ok and doesn’t affect my participation. I really enjoy seeing other peoples’ interpretation of the colors and the beauty of the colors themselves.
    Thanks again Jennifer!

  7. Thanks for hosting, Jennifer. If nothing else (and there is a lot “else”) one gets to search through one’s own photos and rediscovers shots and motifs.

  8. Thank you so much for hosting! This was certainly a challenge. But I love the fact that it made me photo hunt, reminded me to take my camera more often, and required me to hone my eye. Thanks again! It was great fun. 😊😊

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