Weekly Recap: May 9 – 15

Sunday Eric and I went to the Coliseum Roadshow, a toy and comic show. We left empty handed since it was more geared to comic fans. But we then went over to Cool Stuff Vintage and I got some cool minis.

Monday and Tuesday were all about work, blogging and watching Hoarders.

Wednesday, bright and early, was the 2nd half of my first MS treatment. My mom drove me, we talked for those 6 ish hours and got lunch after.

Thursday – work and some light blogging. I had an urge to make images outside, but of course the urge didn’t come into play until the sun was fully set.

Friday – work, blogging, family chatting and watching Tenet while eating Chinese food with Eric.

Saturday I checked out my friends gallery opening – Untethered Thoughts at Word Revolt gallery.

Saturday was also finally the day of MOSH Toytopia Play World Mini Comic Con! I bought the tickets forever ago for an early 2020 date that had to be canceled. Rescheduled once and then again.

Of course I could have gone to just the exhibit but wanted to be able to take pictures of everything and half hour ticket slots never seemed like enough. And well, 2020 definitely didn’t seem like the year.

I’ll probably have more info up in a blog soon. If you live in town, the exhibition ends today so hurry out!

This week in blogs:

Articles I Tweeted:


How was your week?

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