Weekly Recap: July 25 – 31

Quite an ordinary week. Started and ended with flea markets and thrift stores. Work, cleaning, cooking and all the boring stuff in between. Some creative planning, but not a lot of creative persuing. This all makes for a very useless blog post, but I've committed. Tomorrow we're going to the zoo though and I'll hopefully... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap: July 18 – 24

We started the week by picking up a grocery order, relaxing and seeing A Quiet Place Part II in theaters. I really liked the movie. I began making some things to use for photos. I worked with moldable plastic and resin. I plan to make around 4 more pieces with this specific resin mold, so... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap: July 11 – 17

Sunday I was very drowsy half the day after having taken sleep meds the night before. Wolf still managed to wake us up numerous times. After waking myself up and checking a few things off my to do list, I headed to my parents. I was almost there and a hawk flew out and straight... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap: June 27 – July 3

House rearranging, planning and time with family

Schenectady Part 2 – Weekly Recap: June 20 – 26

Celebrations, relaxation, photos and travel prep

Weekly Recap: June 13 – 19

Celebrations, relaxation, photos and travel prep

Baseball, Museums, and Feeling Good – Weekly Recap: May 23 – 29

Sunday Eric and I went to historic St. Augustine, a not too far away place that we hadn't walked through since Florida was beginning to close up. We had lunch at Florida Cracker Cafe, went to the Lightner Museum and wandered St. George Street. Monday I got a greater occipital nerve block to help with... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap: May 16 – 22

This week was sort of a blur. Which explains why I try to write these posts as the week progresses. Full week of work, saw my parents Monday, dentist appointment, antique store, and dinner with a friend Thursday, and lots of blogging and watching MTV Catfish throughout. Yesterday came with a Tires Plus and Target... Continue Reading →

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