Weekly Recap: July 4 – 10

Wolfgang ended up keeping us up 2 nights in a row, then, exhausted by his own antics, let us sleep Monday night. The rest of the week was a little better on Wolfgang’s part, but he still needed to alert us to who knows what, every hour or so. Moral of the story, don’t move his stuff.

Monday I got coffee with a friend, saw Fast 9 with my dad and had dinner with my parents. I finished writing ‘Kodak and the Rise of Amareur Toy Photography,’ a post I’d been developing and researching for quite some time.

Tuesday, back to work after the long weekend, a bit of a relaxation attempt, then back to trying to finish up the last bit of studio organization.

Wednesday- work, a bit more organizing, watching Loki and eating Denny’s.

Thursday- work, helping Eric with his car, and blogging.

Friday- appointment, work, repotting my Christmas cactus, Fear Street.

Saturday- out and about to a thrift store, Ross and Walmart. We found packs of micro machines at Ross for only $3.99 each, so 4 packs came home with me. Later that day I made photos I had been inspired to make, after Wolfgang woke us up by jumping loudly onto a dollhouse, the night before. He’s not the most graceful cat.

A tiny bit of blogging and brainstorming all throughout, but without significant progress. More to come of course.

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How was your week?

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