Weekly Recap: August 29 – September 4

Sunday - a trip to the flea market, more Manifest, and an unexpected urge to paint. Monday - work, appointment, more painting and Manifest. Tuesday through Friday - work of course, running out of Manifest episodes, and planning this year's Halloween challenge. Saturday - eye appointment, Another Broken Egg Cafe enjoyed at home, and fully... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap: August 22 – 28

Sunday - relaxing and picture taking. I'm on a once a week picture taking streak at the moment. That'll increase most likely, but I don't mind. It's allowed me to rest and think about new images throughout the week after. Monday through Friday - work, relaxing, hanging out with a friend one night, and Eric... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap: August 1 – 7

A much better week to blog about! Sunday, Eric and I went to the zoo! Monday work, photo making, blog scheduling and prepping for more photos. You'll be able to see the ones in the collage below, at full size, tomorrow. I have posted them to instagram already. Tuesday more work, photos and photo prep.... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap: July 4 – 10

Blogs, pictures, plants and organizing, all on what little sleep Wolfgang (the cat) allowed.

New Photos Afoot – Weekly Recap: June 6 – 12

New images, Netflix, family visits and apartment pools

Weekly Recap: May 2 – 8

Sunday I hung around home. I started experimenting with some pictures of my recently acquired glass head and brain stormed how I want to move forward with the series. I tried to refocus on some in progress blogs, specifically one on surrealism and Freud's dream theories, but the deeper I go, while I still very... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap: April 25 – May 1

Sunday Eric and I went gallivanting about. He made us pancakes before bed. I kept reading Freud's Interpretation of Dreams. It will be interesting to know more about it, but it's a very blah book to read. I went through old art journals, searching for a journal I kept in childhood. I didn't find the... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap: April 18-24

I got the action figure I was waiting on Sunday night and my fairies and parking lot on Monday! Still wasn't feeling great this week, but I went to work everyday, went to my parents house for dinner Monday, finally finished the 'Working Toy Photographers' listing that I announced in January, and started reading Freud's... Continue Reading →

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