Weekly Recap: November 7 – 13

The week began on a familiar note

Sunday, Eric and I went to Ramona Flea Market. We got a cordless edger and 1980s video camera Then headed to a Greek festival. The line was very long and unmoving, so instead we grabbed some Chipotle and headed home.

Then I worked on submitting to a couple art shows, and scholarships, and thought a bit about my upcoming artist lecture.

I failed to mention in last week’s post, but last Saturday night Eric and I watched Stillwater. It’s a good movie, worth the watch for sure.

Website updates and new t.v. shows

Monday and Tuesday, work work work, upgrading to WordPress Business, installing a couple optimization plug-ins, and cycling through themes.

Eric and I watched the first episode of Dexter: A New Blood. We watched the entirety of the Dexter series together, so it’s only right we continue.

Hanging out at Mayo Clinic and eating tacos

Wednesday I got my first full dose of Ocrevus for MS. My mom came with and we talked for the 5 ish hours. I was approved for the accelerated dose so 5 hours was even less than expected.

We got lunch at Taco Lu after, then back to our respective homes to relax. I was hopped up on both steroids and benadryl though, so instead of sleeping, as the benadryl would want, the steroids took charge and I crashed my website on both the front and back end, restored it thankfully, wrote/formatted a blog post, and worked on my artist lecture material.

Kazu Sushi Burrito for dinner (the current favorite meal in our house). And soon after, back to blogging and site improvements. I couldn’t find a theme I like that operates well on mobile and desktop.

Fervent website updates and blogging continue

Thursday, my day off to decompress. But instead I worked all day on blog and web based stuff. I have my website in a super good place though, I think. All links working, theme settled on, page speed is great! Fingers crossed it’s smooth sailing from here.

Eric and I watched the first episode of Yellowjackets, so now it looks like we have 2 shows to watch every Sunday on the Showtime app.

Back to the regular schedule

And Friday back to my day job. I needed to break from obsessing over my website anyway. And I even more need to get back to photo making. Fingers crossed.

That night I went out to dinner with my friend and her mom. It was lovely.

Before dinner I went to a couple stores nearby. Didn’t find what I was looking for, but did get a very cute pair if shoes and a shirt from Ross.

Time Off

Saturday, the start to the weekend, and an actual dedication to relaxing. Slept in a tiny bit, went to thrift stores, checked out the lit Christmas Tree at the St. Johns Town Center with Eric.

Looking Forward

Crafting and car show with my parents today. Hopefully I’ll have some pictures to show you next week. I’ll also be looking after my friends cat this week. Artist lecture Thursday, still have some more prep work to do there

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How was your week?

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