Weekly Recap: April 18-24

I got the action figure I was waiting on Sunday night and my fairies and parking lot on Monday!

Still wasn’t feeling great this week, but I went to work everyday, went to my parents house for dinner Monday, finally finished the ‘Working Toy Photographers‘ listing that I announced in January, and started reading Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams.

I also made a picture I’m pretty happy with using the parking lot piece and a figure I already had, and I prepped for some fairy images – collecting twigs from outside and re-gluing on broken wings.

Eric brought me home this lovely Wonder Woman figure Friday night and I brought home this Hot Wheels baby Yoda. Will they be used for pictures? Who knows. But they’re cool regardless. Excuse the poor image quality, my phone’s not great at macro shots.

I went to the local arboretum Saturday to take pictures of my new green figure. I’ll share those with you soon, but you can see nature photos from the day at the link below.

We watched the new Mortal Kombat on Saturday too. I’ve never really played video games, but I did play Mortal Kombat off and on at an arcade in the mall with a college friend. I actually really liked the movie. This was Wolfgang the whole time though 😝

This week in blogs:

Things I’m looking forward to:

  • A&E Randy Savage biopic coming out May 2 (my work won’t be in the film, but I worked on the initial proof of concept with the team)
  • My MS treatment starting this week
  • Bird walk event at the local arboretum in May
  • MOSH Toytopia in May
  • 2 separate weeks in Schenectady for work in June (may see my sister, maybe have time for some non-work stuff)


How was your week?

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