Weekly Recap: April 25 – May 1

Sunday Eric and I went gallivanting about. He made us pancakes before bed.

I kept reading Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams. It will be interesting to know more about it, but it’s a very blah book to read. I went through old art journals, searching for a journal I kept in childhood. I didn’t find the one I was looking for but found some other interesting things.

I’m doing this thing I seem to do every other year where I get caught up in my head, re-think my art practice and inevitably come back grounded in something, happier for the spiral when I come out the other side. So we’ll see where this leads. So far it’s led me to create the From Nature images you’ve seen so far, and to order a glass head from ebay to photograph.

Monday I went to work and I felt better than I have in a long time! I picked up Edward Weston The Flame of Recognition from the library and delved into it, after wrapping up The Interpretation of Dreams late in the week.

And Tuesday I stayed home from work super sick. This is also a fun routine 🙄.

But Wednesday I finally started treatment for MS! Finally getting to this point is such a relief. It’ll be awhile before we know if my body takes to it, but it’s a good start all the same.

Dinner with a friend Friday night, and seeing another friend this afternoon.

I created some images I’m really happy with on Saturday. You’ll see some of them here tomorrow (one is the featured image of this post). Saturday has been really good for me as a creative and relaxing day. I certainly hope to keep this up.

This week in blogs:

Things I’m looking forward to:

  • A&E Randy Savage biopic coming out tonight – 8:00PM EST A&E (I can tell from the preview the concept of the whole film has changed since my work on the proof with the team. I already knew my part of it wasn’t moving forward, but I’m interested to see the final dive into Macho Man’s life)
  • Bird walk event at the local arboretum in May
  • MOSH Toytopia in May
  • Big local toy sale in May
  • 2 separate weeks in Schenectady for work in June (may see my sister, maybe have time for some non-work stuff)


How was your week?

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