Weekly Recap: May 2 – 8

Sunday I hung around home. I started experimenting with some pictures of my recently acquired glass head and brain stormed how I want to move forward with the series. I tried to refocus on some in progress blogs, specifically one on surrealism and Freud’s dream theories, but the deeper I go, while I still very much believe in the art movement, these people aren’t exactly ones to look up to.

So instead of focusing so intently, I shifted focus temporarily to more generalized art content. And well that went largely nowhere, so instead I made new pictures and had us relish in the images and words of another photographer.

Monday I had a craft night with my mom, Tuesday I took more glass head pictures, and Wednesday I had a really good day at work!

Thursday I met up with a friend and Friday Eric and I ordered dinner and watched Baby Driver.

Yesterday was all about an early Mother’s day celebration where me and my mom went to the arboretum for a bird walk on World Migratory Bird Day and then got Chipotle.

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How was your week?

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