Weekly Recap: August 1 – 7

A much better week to blog about!

Sunday, Eric and I went to the zoo!

Monday work, photo making, blog scheduling and prepping for more photos. You’ll be able to see the ones in the collage below, at full size, tomorrow. I have posted them to instagram already.

Tuesday more work, photos and photo prep. Some figures, I’d ordered, arrived in the mail. You’ll see those photos here soon too.

Wednesday, was largely a relax after work day, but I also painted a room for use in photos.

Thursday, Eric took me to get pain injections in my head and neck at Mayo. The second time I’ve gotten them and I’m hoping for longer lasting results. Seeing as they leave me numb, unbalanced and in pain for a good chunk of hours after, I napped and relaxed. Once feeling able I did some blogging and photo making in the evening.

Friday more work, rounding out the week with large objects and case capture, squats and lifting galore. Thank goodness for the weekend. Got Italian food with Eric and started watching Modern Love on Prime, with a little bit of blogging and website updates before and after.

Saturday Cool Stuff Vintage and Wendy’s with Eric. Tried their new black bean burger. It’s decent. I’m at least happy for more quick vegetarian options. Watched Gunpowder Milkshake, made some photos and relaxed.

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How was your week?

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