I now present to you Gears, the curvy, grungy, foggy, gold follow up to the straight, shiny, clean, silver Nuts & Bolts.

Gears is built out of 1mm – 15mm in width watch parts, assembled with E6000 and placed on top of and in front of bendable, scrapbooking mirrors. The mirrors were sprayed with gold rubber stamp ink and the whole thing, structures included, was sprayed down with water.

Here are Nuts & Bolts and Gears side by side.

Nuts & Bolts is constructed in s similar manner, with staples, nuts, washers, screws and various other silver metal objects obtained from my dad’s tool box. It is also photographed on and in front of 2 mirrors.

Nuts & Bolts Gears

9 Replies to “Gears”

    1. No scope or jewelers’ lens at the moment- but I can see that catching up to me as I get older. Although I do use tweezers to hold the pieces from time to time.


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