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The Color your World challenge will run January through April, for 120 days, with a new Crayola color topic posting each day. Join in daily, or post at your leisure.

Enter your photos, drawings, quotes, poems, stories, anything, as long as it is inspired by the color of the day.

Since this is a daily challenge, I will not have time to compile a link list daily for participant entries, however, (1) tag your post #cyw or #coloryourworld so others can follow along in the reader, (2) share your link in the comment section of each color post and (3) sign up on the home page. When you fill out the form on the home page, a link to your blog will be added at the bottom of that post – that way other participants can find all your challenge posts.

View all challenge prompt posts here.

View all colors, calendar and participant list here





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  2. I just love your challenges. Today I scrolled through my emails and I read all the ones from people who have done “gold” first. It is really fun to look at all of them at once. Thanks so much for setting this up.

    1. In fact, you inspired me to buy a box of those 120 crayolas. I am playing with them, and some of the shades are so close to each other. It is so hard to know what is the best color to use for a project. I love color. Do you know Victoria Finlay’s book, title is Color? It tells the history of the basic colors.

      1. That’s wonderful. I’m really glad you’re enjoying this challenge. Some of the shades seem almost identical, don’t they? Victoria’s book sounds lovely, I believe I’ve heard of it but have most definitely not read it yet. I’ll add it to my list :)

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