Monachopis Part 1

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I’ve been working on a new series that I call ‘Monachopis.’ From the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, monachopis means ‘the subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place.’ You can read more about this series and see 8 exclusive images from the shoot in Exclu issue 3. I’ll be posting images from this series twice daily on instagram – you can follow along here.

I hope you enjoy learning a bit more about the ideas behind these images and the items within them.

Here are this week’s images and a bit about how I made them.

All outside images were shot using play sand for the terrain, printed gradient for the background and a fog machine for the atmosphere. The adult figures in all shots are from the 1:18 scale (3.75 inches tall) Acid Rain line by Kit Lau/Oritoy. The interior images, for the most part are backlit and photographed through textured transparency film. I will be sharing a behind the scenes post later on for more details on the objects within the scenes – I’ve also included some details below.


The world of Monachopis leads to a strange existance. Out of place, out of mind, we exist day by day, unsure of what is to come. This place we temporarily call home is the basement of a bombed out building.

Here a figure climbs the ladder that leads to the outdoors. Acid Rain Demian figure (from the Taste of Coffee set), Maurader’s laddar, Mega Construx chain, Lil Bratz locker.

Monachopis - toy to tobot

“In a world like this, you find friends anywhere you can.”

This world is a barren wasteland, full of fog and sand for miles and miles. The air isn’t right and we have to wear gas masks to get through it. Strange creatures roam about. Most are friendly. Some are not.

Here a little girl shares her robot toy with a real robot. Hand made polymer and air dry clay large robot, quarter machine small robot, early 2000s Dollar Tree dollhouse baby body, Acid Rain gas mask head.

Monachopis - bombed helmet

“Our days are numbered.”

Acid Rain bombed gas mask head.

Monachopis -img_3709

“Over everything we swore to protect her.”

Acid Rain Argus figure, early 2000s Dollar Tree dollhouse baby body with Acid Rain gas mask head.

Monachopis - bob in chair

“Our leader. His chair. You take the good that comes.”

Acid Rain Bob figure (from the Taste of Coffee set), 3D printed arm chair & crates, Fashion Polly water bottle, dollhouse canned food.

Monachopis - pick up toy

“Don’t think about how it got here, she’ll love it now, that’s all that matters.”

Acid Rain King figure, Fashion Polly bear toy.


“And here it will stay.”

3D printed crate, Fashion Polly bear toy, Lil Bratz soccer ball, worry doll and misc dollhouse bear.

Monachopis - kid with toy against wall

“Always by the wall. Always with that toy.”

Cardboard wall, quarter machine robot, early 2000s Dollar Tree dollhouse baby body with Acid Rain gas mask head.

Monachopis robot toy on bed

“The best available.”

3D printed bunk bed, quarter machine robot, dollhouse baby mat, fabric.

Monachopis - chin up kid

“Chin up kid.”

Maurader’s gas mask, Acid Rain Demian figure (from the Taste of Coffee set), cardboard wall/sidewalk, quarter machine robot, early 2000s Dollar Tree dollhouse baby body with Acid Rain gas mask head.

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  1. Wow, what an emotive collection. I feel both heartened by the character interactions and disturbed by their situation. Wonderful stuff Jennifer.

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