A Doll’s House, Style Magazine, January 2004

A dollhouse article I clipped from Style Magazine when I was 12 years old and still have to this day. One of these days I hope to share a Dolls House Emporium catalog with you as well. I marveled over the pictures of dollhouse scenes for hours but no longer have a copy.

Click the first image to open the gallery carousel and zoom in to read.

I can’t quite find anything on Gail and Bill Martin, but the photographers of this beautiful little house were from the Greg Wilson Group. They’re architectural photographers still in business today. Check out what they’re up to here – https://www.gregwilsonphoto.com/

Style Magazine seems to still be going strong as well as part of the Sarasota, FL Herald Tribune. Ruth Lando, the writer of this story, was at least still on staff in 2018. – https://www.facebook.com/stylemag/

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  1. Totally no serious but do you know the episode of “Friends” (the tv-sitcom, you’re probably too young) where they have a doll’s house? I guess you’d be a Monica rather than a Phoebe but that you have strong streak of Phoebe in you as well. It’s from season 3, episode 20 if you like to have a look. Here is a clip from it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOeAThye5rQ

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