Tourmaline .’s 2020 Countdown to Christmas Wrap Up

Well I, for one, definitely need a break from daily challenges for a while. It was good to stretch my creativity though. I firmly believe I’m better at creepy Halloween than cheery Christmas, but I still got some cute shots.

Thank you so much to all of you who joined in. I hope you had fun and that the challenge helped put you in the Christmas spirit.

You might remember my mention of health in my Halloween challenge wrap up, and I’ve been doing better pain wise, albeit fatigue has replaced it. I finally have a diagnosis too, but all the appointments and stressors have been distracting all the same. I won’t say much here as I’d rather us revel in the hope of the new year, but I did post a bit about it on Instagram if you’re interested.

How did your challenge posting go? I’ve loved what I’ve seen of yours so far!

Here are all my new images I made this month and a collage of my favorites. I hope you’ll share yours too!

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