Tourmaline’s 2020 Halloween Challenge Recap

We did it!

31 days of Halloween!

I haven’t been consistently making photos this year. It’s been a weird year. Personally, October has been one of my hardest months this year health wise. I committed to this challenge though and did everything I could to keep it up even when I wasn’t feeling up to the task. Sometimes I posted photos I already had which gave me an out for the night, but most nights, with the intention to post to a specific instagram hashtag at 11pm, I began making a photo at 9pm, giving me time to rest up until that point. I set the goal to have an idea for that day’s photo in mind before my 9pm deadline, and it worked! Could I have made better photos with more prep and energy? Sure, but I did what I could with what my body allowed, and I got some images I’m actually pretty proud of.

Here are all the new images I made for this challenge this month, and a collage below of my favorites.

I hope you’ll share what you accomplished too!

I haven’t made it to all your posts yet, but I’m going to keep clicking through! Thanks so much for joining in!

2020 Contributors –

Let me know if I missed your link.

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