Baseball, Museums, and Feeling Good – Weekly Recap: May 23 – 29

Sunday Eric and I went to historic St. Augustine, a not too far away place that we hadn’t walked through since Florida was beginning to close up. We had lunch at Florida Cracker Cafe, went to the Lightner Museum and wandered St. George Street.

Monday I got a greater occipital nerve block to help with all my head pain and it seems like it might actually be helping!

Tuesday and Wednesday were work and relaxing as usual with a bit of art and blogging sprinkled in. I watched Late Night and Don’t Talk to Irene. Both movies were really good. Watch them if you haven’t and let me know what you think.

Thursday work, packing for my work travel, and actually getting some things done around the house. This was the first day I’ve felt almost consistently good since July. This day was Eric’s and my 8th dating anniversary. We celebrated this past Sunday in our time in St. Augustine.

I also watched Brittany Runs a Marathon. Movies every night, and feel good movies at that, is a new turn for me. I haven’t even slightly had the attention span for movies this past year, so it feels good.

Friday after work I went to my friend’s birthday dinner.

Saturday was Wolfgang’s 9th birthday, or really his gotcha day. He was a stray at our old apartment complex. He had a microchip but the owner never called the vet back. We knew from the chip that he was 2 years old at that time but found out years later that his birthday was in August (and still don’t know what day), so instead we just kept celebrating the day he came into our apartment, essentially adopting us.

I watched My Spy and started watching One Mississippi.

I finished packing and tried to get some blogs scheduled and images made, but had little success.

We also went to a Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp game with some of friends Saturday night. Box seats and all!

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How was your week?

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