Schenectady Part 2 – Weekly Recap: June 20 – 26

Sunday I woke up, realized I hadn’t set an alarm, set one conveniently for the time I needed to leave the house instead of the time I needed to wake up. I realized this after I showered, but all turned out just fine and I made it to the airport and onto my flight. 2 flights to get to Albany, NY and both were delayed, but not significantly.

Monday, work day one where I photographed lots of packaged cheese and fresh, plated items.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, more fresh food shoots. Guy Fieri’s Flavortown, Blaze Pizza, Crispy Bazil Artisan Pizza and Starbucks for dinners.

Wednesday the weather was super nice and I didn’t stay at the work site super late so I headed back to the Central Park Rose Garden. It was even more gorgeous than before! Roses in bloom everywhere. It was full of people too, with lots of prom pictures being taken.

Friday, back home I flew. It was a pretty stressful day trying to tie up some loose ends for work, a super tight layover where I got to my flight right as boarding was finishing, and flight times that didn’t give me time for actual meals. All in all I was glad to get home though.

Saturday, Eric and I went to a couple thrift stores before he went into work. I finished The Little Things (a movie I had started before I left for NY), started The Woman in the Window. In between, I spoke back and forth with a library contact about some Kodak info I’m looking into. You’ll definitely get to read more about that later. Once Eric got home we watched Awake. It kept my attention, but overall I’m not that impressed.

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How was your week?

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