Weekly Recap: July 18 – 24

We started the week by picking up a grocery order, relaxing and seeing A Quiet Place Part II in theaters. I really liked the movie.

I began making some things to use for photos. I worked with moldable plastic and resin. I plan to make around 4 more pieces with this specific resin mold, so it will be some time before images are made. The brain however is ready to be in front of the camera.

Wolf had a vet appointment. He had an ear infection, as expected, and we had to put drops in his ears twice a day for the coming week. He’s still a stray through and through, even though he’s been with us for 7 years, hiding all of his ailments. No ear scratching, or acting differently (aside from keeping us up at night, but he has weeks like this plenty). We thankfully caught it when cleaning his ears, as instructed last time he had an infection.

My mom took me to get an MRI. My, what will be, yearly one, to check disease progression. 1 hour of waiting, 2 hours in the machine. My mom also brought along a sweater she made me and I love it so much!

Let me wax poetic about the MRI specific intake waiting room for a moment. My phone was locked away in a locker with my clothes, and there was nothing to read or watch. So I counted. –

I started counting after the zamboni passed the doorway the 3rd time. At 79, the zamboni stopped. At 183, I switched to counting ceiling tiles. 14 1/4, the amount of tiles on the longest run. Many minutes beyond the count of 183 plus 14 1/4, and person after person called back, I began to wonder why I hadn’t been called. Then the zamboni passed again, just once. I made slight small talk with a new person in the room, who was then called away. I counted again, starting at 184, ignoring the time that had passed in between. At 540, I was called.

The 2 hours in the MRI machine were also strange. I made sounds in my head along with the various sounds of the machine. I thought of what the sounds reminded me of – strumming a guitar, banging a metal drum, the boing of a pogo stick, lasers hitting the earth. I sang songs (still in my head) that matched the beats. I thought of how to handle Wolfgang for his ear drops. Work the next day. I also fell asleep, very briefly, a few different times. But, best of all, I figured out how exactly I want to take images of my red core figure and the brain I made (above).

I went to work throughout the week, but you can assume that, whether I ever say so or not.

The day after the MRI, I had a consultation with my doctor to discuss the results. Later, I made some photos!

I updated a variety of things on my site and got a couple posts published/scheduled. I haven’t had the focus for more research, but I do have a couple research based posts on the way.

We cleaned the garage, cleaned up the house a bit, hung shelves, went swimming, even tried a loaded tater tot food truck.

I ended the week with a movie night with a friend.

Overall, a pretty decent week.

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  1. I too love the sweater your Mom made, she really is talented. Your night marauder is so cute, he reminded me of my Castro. Happy for you that you MS has slowed down. Have a wonderful day. 😊

    1. A millions scans mostly. But the results were good! A few new lesions but the doctor said that’s to be expected. Hopefully less and less new ones thanks to treatment, as time goes on.

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