Weekly Recap: October 10 – 16

My week back in Schenectady, NY for work began. First, a simple drive to the airport…

Or well, not so simple, because I got a very bad flat tire on the way.

I pulled over, called my husband to come get me, called AAA to tow my car to the shop. AAA said since I was on the side of the highway that they’d make me a priority and would be there within an hour. Not so helpful when I have a flight to catch, so they offered “unattended tow” but said there’d be a $1.25 mileage overcharge fee and someone would have to meet them at drop off to pay it. So, I called my mom and arranged for her and my dad to meet them. AAA called my parents and said it’d be $45 overage for the .2 miles over, then later $95 or something like that. That 1 hour estimate also changed to 3. So instead, my husband dropped me off at the airport and went back to my car, where my parents met him, to get the donut put on and to drive it to the shop. But, a couple hours later it was ready. So a massive thanks to my support system for getting that all sorted for me.

So anyway, great start to the week. I made it to my flight though.

Monday was uneventful, thankfully! I set up the photo equipment on site then got to work on photographing some products. It was a long work day, but totally anticipated.

At the cheery time of 3:45 AM Tuesday morning however, the fire alarm went off at the hotel I was staying at. Took me a minute to wake up enough, realize the alarm wasn’t going to turn off and get my shoes on, to get myself going and get out of there. I sleepily found the stairs, and soon, some other hotel guests going down those stairs. We all got to know each other a tad in the 40 minutes or so we stood outside. A police vehicle and 2 fire trucks came, each floor had to be checked and then there seemed to be some difficulty in actually getting the alarm to turn off. I went back to bed when I got back to my room, but I certainly didn’t feel well rested the 2 ish hours later.

At some point I pulled a muscle in my right shoulder. Not exactly sure how or when.

I wasn’t feeling very adventurous this week, and while it’s hard to convince people of this fact, the work trips I go on don’t have a lot of flexibility for galivanting. I thought about going to a museum right by my hotel, but they have very limited hours all right smack dab in the middle of a work day.

In any case, Wednesday, after work, I went back to the Central Park Rose Garden. It’s a really beautiful place, fully out in the open, with official open hours ending at 8:30 PM.

And while I didn’t try a lot of new food places, Thursday I got take out from Mizu Sushi, and it was great! I also saw a cool old house that I felt the need to share a picture of here.

Friday, homeward bound. While the week felt like it went by fairly quickly, I’m such a homebody and immensely missed my husband and my perfect, precious cat.

In the Albany Airport though, in the 20 or so feet between TSA and the News Channel store, I lost my sweater. I checked with TSA, customer service and lost and found and no one had seen it. I left my phone number with lost and found and logged the info on an airport lost and found site and now I just wait I guess. I’m really upset though, it was my grandma’s.

My mom picked me up from the airport though. She brought me a bookmark and earrings she crocheted (which you’ll see in next week’s update), apple chips and vitamin water and we went to Chipotle for dinner!

Saturday Eric and I went to the Pumpkin Patch at Santa’s Farm with Eric’s siblings and their families. We then went to Universal City Walk, had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, tried to attend Howl-O-Scream at SeaWorld, then spent the night at a hotel. SeaWorld was awful, packed wall to wall with people because there was no capacity limit and the fast passes cost double the price of regular tickets. The Pumpkin Patch and City Walk were wonderful at least.

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