Oh the Places You’ll Go

I travel a lot with my job, whether to train a new photographer or help someone catch up with their product load. To clarify, I am a lead photographer for a tech company that, in part, does product photography for grocery stores. So that ad you get in the mailbox, or the items you add to your cart online, there’s a good chance my company photographed and pulled the data for that item.

The travel sounds exciting on the surface, but there isn’t typically time for site seeing, and grocery stores and their headquarters aren’t always in the most riveting parts of the country. Largely I travel alone which gets a bit lonely. I do occasionally travel with coworkers though and always enjoy those trips more. In either case I work odd hours and long days, but always try to find something local/of interest. I started aiming for antique stores and used book stores, things I enjoy that would be open either the morning before I go in to work, or the evening after I get off. I also got very involved with adding images to Google maps as a local guide because it seemed to add purpose lol.

I want to share some pictures with you from those travels, since, for some reason, I never did before, and having a vague chronicle of my life is nice for my own purposes as well. So here’s at least a good chunk of those places. I honestly can’t remember if I’ve covered them all, and some of these I went to multiple times throughout the course of just over my last 3.5 years with the company. And as a forewarning, I’m not claiming that these photos are any good, just things I was compelled to capture.


Tyler, TX

Boise, ID

2017, 2018 & 2019

Lakeland, FL

Chicago, Skokie, Lisle & Bensenville, IL

Also check out my posts on the Thorne Miniature Rooms, at the Art Institute of Chicago

Hopkins, MN

Norwalk, CA

Portland, ME

And see more of my Maine lighthouse images here.

Syracuse & Schenectady, NY

Elizabeth, NJ

Columbus, OH

Matthews, NC

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