Weekly Recaps: November 14 – 27

I skipped last week’s recap, so let’s review the last two.

November 14 – 20

Car Show

Starting the week off strong, I went to the Ponte Vedra Auto Show with my parents, then back to their house to craft.

Monday through Wednesday were typical days at work with artist lecture prep and checking on my friend’s cat after.

Thursday I started iron infusions, since when my iron retention was checked, my level was quite low.

Artist Lecture

Late that afternoon, I headed to my Alma Mater to give a visiting artist lecture for my past professor’s Intermediate Photography class. The University police pulled me over as soon as I got into the campus for going 30 in a 20. Most of the campus is 30, but in any case, a warning, then I was on my way. Definitely got my already nervous self a little more on edge, but I parked, drank some water, and walked to the class room.

It was great catching up with my professor. And overall the lecture went pretty well. I definitely went through it way too fast, but got some good questions after and inspired a couple students, which is an amazing feeling. I’ll hopefully get a peak at what they created for their assignment early December. They have a few things to choose from, one being ‘The Directorial Mode,’ which is where my talk came into play.

And then the iron infusion side effects began.


Friday, work, as you might expect. But I was ready with one of two sweaters my mother in law bought me.

Saturday Eric and I went to my friend, Erica’s homestead farm to have a friendsgiving meal. We got the whole tour of the property and met these guys pictured below, plus lots of chickens and a few more goats.

November 21 – 27

Sunday, dinner with my friend Jason after a day at home with my cat, Wolfgang.

Monday, work, then date night with Eric! We went out to dinner, then came back home for some Netflix.

Tuesday, work, then dinner with Linda. Not awe inspiring days, but at least I’m mixing it up a bit by meeting up with people :P

The doctor decided on no more iron infusions – 2 more were planned. Instead I’m taking Vitron C for now and my levels will be checked again in 2 months.


Wednesday, my time off work for Thanksgiving began. Started with a mid-day doctors appointment, then crafting with my mom.

Thanksgiving arrived! Eric and I got to my parent’s house around 10 and the meal prep began. It was a nice meal and was good for us all to spend time together.

Checked on Linda’s cat after, then worked on my car. Seems the plastic piece that flew up under my car and caused the flat tire I had a few weeks ago, also disloged the plastic protective pieces. The skid plate is fully missing, but Eric and I used zip ties to hold everything else in place.

Friday I hung out at home, got lunch with my parents, checked on Sable, did some housework.

Jacksonville Arboretum

Saturday, my mom and I planned to go to the Jacksonville Arboretum, but we ended up starting with doing a bit of work again on my car. My dad had some of those plastic clips that hold pieces in, so I popped one into the front portion of the underside of my car, then clipped the excess of the zip ties we put in on Thanksgiving. The zip tie excess had been making a worrying buzzing noise when the car was in motion, so I’m glad that guess was correct and it wasn’t anything more serious. Then we went and bought new wiper blades. I do still need to have my tires looked at. They’re wearing unevenly, even though presumably they’ve been rotated and aligned regularly.

We did make it to the Arboretum after though. No map in hand, we accidentally took the longest trail there. The goal was to take some photos, and well, a few were taken, but mostly we walked and talked.

Hoping to have new miniature diorama photos for you soon. Things have been a little wonky, but I have some images planned.

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